Crossfire Tactical Solutions is your premier source for gun safety and conceal carry courses in the Eureka Missouri, as well as serving the Greater St. Louis area. Our goal is to provide our clients with the tools to protect their families and themselves from an ever-growing dangerous world. Specializing in conceal carry, our instructors are NRA-certified and can also teach basic pistol skills. You will learn the laws that pertain to conceal carry as well as the basics of how to shoot, when to shoot, and what to expect when you do shoot. Contact us today to get started!


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NRA certified instructors teach Conceal Carry Classes, Pistol instruction, and sales.


Handgun Training

Covered is safe gun handling, storage, cleaning, and ammunition types.


Ladies only Classes

Ladies safely learn about hand guns.


We Believe in Safety for Everyone


Crossfire Training

With combined 40 years of weapons experience, CTS professionals  are at the cutting edge of firearms and weapons training. CTS prides itself in teaching and developing techniques – not through mere tradition, but through stringent research out of real-life incidents.



"Great class. Instructors were great, kept the class interesting and interactive. Opened my eyes to many new things I was not aware of. We’ll worth the time and money!"

Vesmir Dolic


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