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Gun Class for Ladies                                                           $ 75             

This is a great for the ladies, this class is going to be a blast! Learn, ask, and safely learn about hand guns with your friends.

Missouri License to Carry Class CCW                      $ 89

Missouri law requires 8 hours of instruction, which includes classroom time extensively covering Missouri carry laws and those pertaining to justifiable use of force. Visit for more info about crossfire CTS.

Illinois Concealed Carry Course                                 $ 165

Whether you are new to conceal carry and handling firearms or an old hand carrying; or firing a gun on the range or for self-defense is a huge responsibility with correspondingly great criminal and civil liability if not treated correctly.  While safety is of primary importance and is covered extensively, we also train for the physical and mental discipline needed.  Courses cover firearm knowledge (pistols extensively) including the different types, how they operate, their benefits and drawbacks and defensive cartridge selection.  We cover Illinois law in depth and discuss how to interact with law enforcement and the proper methods to use when traveling to other states.  Included will be a matrix showing the various calibers, their muzzle energy and hitting, i.e., stopping power.  Interspersed within class are legal strategies that can be practiced and used in the event you are forced to threaten the use of a firearm, draw your firearm, or, use the forearm.  Students will need an active FOID card (Firearm Owners Identification card) to complete the training.

Illinois allows hour credits for prior training.  *Note:  Only one credit is accepted.  We cannot combine coursework credits for multiple reductions in classroom hours.  Anyone opting out of training hours must present a copy for my records of their certificates of completion, i.e., DD-214, CCW license from an acceptable state, etc.  All students are required to pass the shooting range portion of the training.

If you hold any of the following, there is a 4-hour credit:  Illinois Hunter Safety Course, Chicago Firearms safety Course, or CCW licenses from Utah, Florida, Kentucky, Nevada, Missouri, or Michigan.  These students can skip the first four hours of classroom.

Having any of the following certifications allows for 8 hours of credit:  NRA courses Personal Protection Inside the Home or Personal Protection Outside the Home.  Active, Retired or an Honorably Discharged member of the U. S. Armed Forces, or a previously qualified Law Enforcement or Corrections Officer.  These students can skip the first eight hours of classroom (all of day 1)

All other persons will be required to take the 16-hour coursework (two days).

            16-hour Course:   $175.00    For all students with no prerequisites

            12-hour Course:   $150.00    For students who have one of the following:

                                                            Illinois Hunter Safety Certificate, CCW License from only the                                                                        following states: Utah, Florida, Nevada, Missouri, Kentucky or                                                                          Michigan, or Chicago Firearms Safety Course

            8-hour Course:    $125.00    For those students who have one of the following:

                                                            NRA: Basic Pistol or Personal Protection in, or, outside the Home                                                                  Certificate, An active, retired or Honorably Discharged member                                                                of the Armed Forces with a DD-214 copy, previously qualified law                                                                enforcement or corrections officer

Call or email with any specific questions you may have and, as always, shoot safely!

Survive the Shoot                                                                  $ 100

With the unrest we see every day, whether getting fuel, buying groceries, or just turning down the wrong street at the wrong time, we are more likely than ever to encounter violent, civil unrest. We train and prepare for “combat” as best we can—we carry a gun, we practice with it, we think about “what ifs,” etc., but what about after the action? WE, can be shot. WE can be injured or another, innocent person can be endangered and injured. If police are minutes away, then how long until professional emergency care is available?

Gun Cleaning                                                                          $ 35

In this 2½ hour course, the student will learn to assess and recognize life threatening injuries, provide immediate and effective treatment and remove the casualty from a hostile environment in a manner that maintains cover and effectively utilizes tactical movement strategies.

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