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Q:  How long is the Missouri CCW class?


A:  Missouri Statutes require an 8-hour class with a range visit.  This is not a “gun class” per se.  While we will talk about and demonstrate proper grip, stance, sighting, etc., we will concentrate on conflict avoidance and keeping you out of jail.


Illinois Statues requires 16-hours of training and they do require demonstrating pistol fundamentals.  The Illinois State police allows for select prior training to count toward this16 hours.


Q:  Do I need my own gun?


A:  No.  While we prefer you bring your own everyday carry gun, we have guns and ammunition you can rent if you don’t have one or just prefer to use one of ours.  We are also a retailer of self-defense guns, an FFL that accepts transfers and a Certified Glock Stocking Dealer.


Q:  Can I buy ammunition from you?


A:  Yes, with some restrictions.  At present, there is still an ammunition shortage and all calibers are not available or with limited availability.  We generally stock 9mm, .40 S&W, and .22 long rifle.  Anything else, call a week or two prior to class and we will search our sources.


Q:  Will you issue my license after I pass the class?


A:  No.  We issue you a certificate allowing you to apply.  In Missouri, our certificate is taken to your local law enforcement office—Sheriff or St. Louis County, etc.  Illinois students must take our issued certificate and upload it into the Illinois State Police website for CCL applications.  Other states that accept our certificates have their own process.  We can help you with that, too.

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