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Howard Bolton


Howard is a long time NRA certified instructor in several disciplines:  Firearm Safety, Basic Pistol, Advanced Pistol, Personal Protection in the Home, Metallic Cartridge Reloading, Range Safety Officer and more.  As an instructor certified by the States of Illinois, Missouri and Florida to teach conceal carry, the NRA courses of Basic Pistol and Personal Protection are the most useful.  His goal is to teach not just the statutes and mechanics of conceal carry, but introduce the judgment decisions that need to be reviewed prior to carrying concealed.  The question usually asked is, “when can I shoot.”  The question that should be asked is, “when must I shoot.”  They are not the same question nor do they have the same answer.

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Leslie Sphar Reeves


Leslie owns All You! Studio, where she provides personal training, small group fitness classes (including Sexual Assault Survivors’ Therapeutic Yoga), private and small group self-defense classes, partnering in concealed carry weapons and tactical pistol classes with Crossfire Tactical Solutions CCW.

Leslie trains in close range hand to hand combat techniques for women and children, and is a R.A.D. (Rape Aggression Defense) certified self defense instructor and certified by the Illinois Law Enforcement Board of Standards and Training. Leslie is an advocate for Sexual Assault Victims, the Human Trafficking Coalition, and Domestic Violence Survivors and Rape Prevention Programs in the greater St. Louis area on both sides of the river. 

Leslie is a keynote speaker at the Annual National Toxic Relationship Awareness & Healing Conference, educating and empowering women through personal safety and awareness and self-defense. Learn how to protect yourself both physically and mentally from conflict and harm. 

RAD Certified Self Defense Instructor.

US Law Shield - Legal Defense for Self Defense, IL & MO.


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Lee Kropp


Lee Kropp founded Crossfire in 2008 and grew the business from a home based operation teaching Conceal Carry class’s.  Over the years it grew into our current gun store and training facility.   With thousands of satisfied students, Lee has become one of Missouri’s premier instructors. 

(844) 942-2779

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